We've created a quick reference guide with rules to outline and help you understand how to use our platform properly. Please read the following carefully:

Vehicle Choices

We encourage our users to submit all types of vehicles. Cars, trucks, airplanes, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, dirt bikes, military, you name it. You never know what someone is looking for/needs for their next project. They could be looking for era specific vehicles, certain colors, styles, and looks. Your vehicle doesn’t have to be in perfect condition either. In the industry, these vehicles are often referred to as picture cars, picture vehicles, movie cars, movie vehicles, prop cars, prop vehicles, and/or cinema cars. Visit our listings page to see vehicles already listed with us.

Listing Ads


To post an ad you'll need to register first. Just input your email address and create a password. Once you do that, you'll be able to post your ad(s).

Creating an Ad:

Input a title, select the closest category that applies to your vehicle and select a location. First choosing your state, then choosing your county. Then fill out your description in detail. After your ad is created, you will receive an email in order to confirm and activate your ad. Users are only allowed to post one vehicle per advertisement. Violators will have their advertisement deleted without warning.


Be sure to include pictures of your vehicle (we allow up to 5). We recommend a 3/4 front view, 3/4 rear view, interior front view, and an interior rear view where applicable. Ads without photos will be deleted without warning.

Featured Ads:

Featured ads (a paid service) gives you the option of buying longer time periods and provide better ad visibility on the site. Featured ads may also be considered for inclusion in our "Car of the Month" blog articles, Facebook, or Twitter postings. Current plans run for 180 or 365 days.

Ad Expiration:

Free ads -  Expire after 3 months (90 days). When your ad expires, just create a new one for another 90 days. This helps ensure that all free ads stay up to date. You can also convert your free ad into a featured ad after posting it.

Featured ads - Expire depending on the plan you choose. Current plans run for 180 or 365 days.

Your Listing Price:

What you charge for your vehicle is up to you. If an interested renter comes along, it is solely up to you and the renter to agree on prices and terms.

We have options to list your price by the hour and by the day. You can include more pricing details in the description of your ad if you have other options in mind.

Distance Willing to Travel:

If you want to get specific as to how far you're willing to travel or take your vehicle, then you can list this here. This option is not searchable and will only be visible in your ad.

Account Management:

You can manage your advertisements and account profile by clicking on the first blue button on the top right hand corner of the site (desktop version). Here you can view and edit your advertisements, view/edit your profile as well as change your password.

Report an Ad:

If you find an ad that you deem offensive, inappropriate, or otherwise goes against our Terms of Service, you can report it to us by clicking on the red "Report this ad" button under the advertisement in question. Fill out the form and submit. We will investigate and take appropriate action where necessary.

Photographers/TV/Film/Advertising Personnel

You can search by description, category, and location. Once you find the vehicle you're looking for, register to contact the owner via the website messaging system or call/e-mail them directly (if provided by the owner) and work out a deal. It's as simple as that!

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