The Business of Prop Cars & How to Earn Income By Turning Your Car Into One

Everyday, people across this great country are always looking for new ways to earn extra income and car enthusiasts are no different. There are many ways to make additional income like playing with the stock market, winning the lottery, or getting a second or third job. Unfortunately, stocks are too risky, winning the lottery is a pipe dream, and devoting time for another job just isn’t ideal for a lot of people.

Car enthusiasts on the other hand, specifically ones with cool cars, have a different opportunity. It’s an opportunity they may not have otherwise thought of. That’s listing your ride for hire.

We’re not talking about becoming an Uber driver or joining sites like Turo. We’re talking about letting businesses like photographers, movie studios, and television companies use your vehicle as prop car. First let’s ensure you understand what a prop car actually is. A prop car by definition is any vehicle used by or accompanying an actor or performer during a performance on stage, in a film, or during a photoshoot.

The prop market is a multimillion dollar industry and growing. Imagine every movie you’ve seen the last year. Every costume, building, or table used in the film was purchased or borrowed. Essentially every object you see during a film is classified as a prop and movie studios pay a lot of money for them. Why? Because they want to ensure their movies are as realistic as possible and having the right props aid in that. No movie producer wants a car from the 1980s if he’s filming a movie that takes place in the 1950. Unless of course he’s making another Back to the Future movie.

This is where you, a car enthusiast with a nice ride, comes in. Movie and television production companies, advertising agencies, and photography studios are always on the lookout for vehicles to rent. These vehicles help sell an image they’re trying to create and having the right vehicle is extremely valuable to them. Today however, their options are limited. They’re relegated to using the few prop car companies who own their own vehicles and rent them out. The problem with these companies is that they lack variety and are typically geographically confined to certain areas of the country (Los Angeles for example). That doesn’t help a production company filming a movie in Atlanta or a photography studio taking photos for a tire manufacturer in Ohio.

Pay can vary and really depends on the vehicle, the business and the project, but enthusiasts can expect ranges in the triple digits per hour or per day. Renting your car out allows enthusiast to earn extra income on their own time, under their terms. Don’t want your car to be driven as part of the project? Let that be known. Don’t want parts (new wheels, stickers, etc.) added to your car? Make the company aware. The flexibility is endless. So why let your car, motorcycle, or any other vehicle sit in the garage collecting dust when it could be earning you extra cash and bragging rights with your friends?

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