Putting Power Back Into the Hands of Photographers:

Making Unique Vehicles More Accessible

If you’re a photographer, you’ve probably said one of the statements below or something similar during your career:

“Man, I wish I could find a <insert expensive car here> for this photoshoot. I don’t even know where I could find one, let alone find someone who will let me use it.”

“My customer wants a <insert exotic car here> but can’t afford the price rental companies charge.”

“My customer wants to take pictures with a <insert car/boat here>, but I don’t know anyone who has one”

The underlying story here is accessibility, or lack thereof, for the everyday photographer in need of a unique vehicle for a photoshoot. Let’s be real, most photographers are self-employed hard workers looking to make a living doing something they love and often don’t have the resources or access to vehicles big time companies do with big time budgets. Still; their customers expect the same results. Great photographs. In the industry, these vehicles are sometimes known as picture cars, picture vehicles, prop cars, and/or prop vehicles.

So what is a photographer to do?

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "employment of self-employed photographers is projected to grow 9 percent from 2014 to 2024." In a time where more and more photographers have to find new ways to differentiate themselves or find additional ways to appeal to new customers with increased competition, our site aims to make at least some of those challenges less daunting. No longer do photographers have to say ‘no’ to their customers who want photos of and/or with one-of-a-kind vehicles. No longer do they have to say “it’s too expensive,” “I don’t know where to find one,” or “it will take forever to find one.”

It’s what brought us to create Vehicleprops.com. We wanted to make rare, expensive, or unique vehicles more accessible to those looking for them. Hotrods, exotics, boats, motorcycles, or airplanes. It doesn’t matter.

By making unique vehicles more accessible to the working photographer, we hope to level the playing field and provide photographers with more ways to generate business. Not only does this benefit the pocketbook of photographers, it also benefits the pocketbooks of the vehicle owners who otherwise would have their vehicle sitting in a garage unused. Both parties mutually benefit for the good of everyone involved, including the customer at the end of the day. As a photographer, take advantage. Your next customer could have such a request.

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