5 Cartoon Vehicles You Probably Forgot About, But Loved as a Kid

During a discussion amongst our staffers, the topic of our favorite cartoon shows where a vehicle was a big part of the story line got us thinking about all the shows we watched as kids. We all quickly pointed to the iconic vehicles like Mach Five in Speed Racer, the Batmobile, Bumblebee, and the Mystery Machine from Scooby Do. However, these were just all too easy to remember. Instead, we decided to think outside the box and identify other unique vehicles that our favorite cartoon characters used in the cartoons we watched growing up. After a little deliberation, we were able to think of 5 vehicles (planes, motorcycles, and automobiles) that you probably completely forgot about it. These aren’t ranked in any specific order so don’t think we’ve placed one over the other.

Without further ado, here are 5 cartoon prop vehicles you probably forgot about, but loved as a kid:

1. Sea Duck – TaleSpin (1990-1991)

Our founders favorite show growing up, TaleSpin, was an action packed cartoon staring Baloo from the Jungle Book as a 1930's bush pilot. The Sea Duck (a modified Conwing L-16 seaplane) was Baloo’s prized plane who helped him fight off pirate attacks, fly through waterfalls, and inside volcanos during his daring adventures. This show probably had one of the catchiest theme songs of them all too. See it for yourself:

2. Tricycle/Spaceship – Bobby’s World (1990-1998)

A blast from your very young past, Bobby’s World was an iconic cartoon television show by legendary comedian Howie Mandel. Yes, the Howie Mandel from hit shows like ‘America’s Got Talent’ and ‘Deal or No Deal’. Bobby’s World was about the daily life of Bobby Generic and the adventures his wild imagination would take him through. His Tricycle was Bobby’s main source of transportation and would often turn into a spaceship during his adventures. It even motivated one of our staffers to get his own tricycle as a kid. Check out the introduction to Bobby’s World for a quick flash from the past:

3. Shellraiser – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987-1996)

The Shell Raiser was created by the turtle genius of the group, Donatello, as the main mode of transportation for his brothers in a half shell out of an abandoned subway car. Featured as part of the CBS Saturday morning cartoon series, it was later destroyed and replaced by the Party Wagon in subsequent TMNT cartoon series. You can watch the entire series below:

4. Ratcatcher & Thunderquack – Darkwing Duck (1991-1992)

When there’s trouble you call D-double-ya! A spin-off from Ducktails, Darkwing duck reminded us a lot of Batman, but was very much unique in its storyline. It only aired for a short time period, but had lasting impressions for those who remember watching it. Darkwing Duck had two major forms of transportation, the Ratcatcher, a motorcycle seen in almost every episode and the Thunderquack which went where the Ratcatcher couldn’t, the air.

5. Blackbird – X-Men

The Blackbird, also known as the X-Jet, was acquired by Professor X to help transport the X-Men on many of their missions. It made its first appearance in X-Men #104 in April 1977. It has gone through various iterations over the years as well as being destroyed and rebuilt multiple times during the X-Men comic series.

What do you think? Hit us up on twitter @VehiclepropsCom or comment below. We’d love to hear your opinions and your list of prop vehicles in cartoons we probably forgot about ourselves!

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