Who We Are

We are a Southern California based start up out of beautiful San Diego. We got our start in the summer of 2016 after identifying three needs that compelled us to create Vehicleprops.com:

1. Local photographers wanted an easier way to identify and locate ideal vehicles they could use for photoshoots and other projects. Until now, a photographer who needed a specific vehicle (say a 1969 Camaro) either had to know someone who owned one or scour the internet looking for someone willing to lend them their car. This time consuming process left most photographers disappointed, stuck with less desirable vehicles, or no vehicles at all.

2. Private owners who had one-of-a-kind, unique, or show quality vehicles, but had no centralized place where they could easily list their vehicles for hire and do it for free.

3. TV, Film, and Advertising companies across the country didn’t fare any better. For years, they had to rely on brokers with limited selections, locations, high prices, or catered to certain industries (Hollywood for example). If a company needed a 1970 Boss 302 Mustang within 75 miles of a small town for a TV commercial, they were pretty much out of luck.

Given the limitations that existed across the board for everyone involved, we decided to do something about it and change the game. After months of hard work and dedication we created this platform for all to use. We even made the platform completely FREE to use.

With the creation of Vehicleprops.com, we took the ‘shared economy’ model similar to the likes of Airbnb and adapted it to the prop car industry. Since our launch, all parties now have the ability to find each other easier and work together better. Cars, boats, motorcycles, planes, trucks, classics, hotrods, exotics, it doesn't matter. You never know what someone might need for their next project and your ride might be it!


What We Do

What we do is simple. We offer a centralized listing for vehicle owners of all types to connect their rides with photographers, film, television, and advertising companies for paid engagements such as photoshoots, movie spots, print and more. We enable both parties to find, interact, and communicate with each other faster and easier. Since our platform enables more owners to participate in the prop car market, it provides the media industry with a much larger pool of vehicles to choose from. From big time summer blockbusters to small town photographers and everything in between. The most common engagements include but are not limited to:


-Promotional events

-Special Events (Car shows, Industry shows, etc.)

-Print Ads



-Music Videos


-High Fashion


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Employment Opportunities

For a list of current job openings, please visit our Jobs Page.

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If you would like to contact us with any questions, comments, or media inquiries please send an email to: [email protected]

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